Cognitio Web serves as an interactive demonstration of the features and capabilities available through Cognitio API. It is meant for developers who want a preview of what can be done with our APIs, but even if you are not a developer you are welcome to try it.

API Specification: API Docs

General Documentation: Cognitio Documentation

What is Cognitio?

Cognitio, both Web and API, are developed by HeuroLabs. We are a young and enthusiastic startup focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning. We make these technologies available and accessible through our highly abstracted set of APIs, available for both private and public clouds. We are also planning more exciting announcements in the coming days and weeks.

How it works?

We have developed a computational intelligence framework and a set of advanced algorithms to enable machines to interpret sensory input.We are continuously developing this framework to create machine intelligence that can improve people's lives.You can read about our mission Here

Meanwhile, we have found useful applications for our progress so far and believe it brings value to many industries.This is why we are launching this private beta program.

How to use the demo?

There are several named tabs. You can find some examples and when you click on them, we will present the results. There will be a 'Show JSON' button. Clicking this button will show the results in JSON format as they would be returned when using our APIs.


The faces tab can be used to preview how we detect faces in an image.When a face is detected, our algorithms will also try to detect gender and age group. The location of the face in the image will be demonstrated using a bounding box notation


The vision tab can be used to preview how we can do a general scene/image classification or tagging. In addition to the general classification we will also serialize synonyms of that class if we know one. There is a confidence associated with each output and the higher the confidence the better.


We have developed speech processing capabilities as part of our framework. We are able to detect gender and age group as well as speakers distinction given an audio input. We also convert the speech to text and detect the language.


Given a video, we are able to detect and track moving objects. We can do this for both snapshot videos and stream videos. Every 100 frames, we will serialize the motion of each object including how long they have been in the video even with occlusion. If this is something that is important to you, please sign up for our private beta even if you are not a developer.


Given a text, either directly or by providing a URL, we are able to detect and extract entities in said text. We are also able to detect the types of the entities and provide additional facts about them.


Given an audio input, we are able to classify the musical instrument(s).If this is important to you, or other related musical features, please sign up for beta to unlock this feature.

Health care

Of all the potential applications of artificial intelligence, health care is the one we are most excited about.The shortage of competent health care professionals, the length and investments required for drug development and the inaccessibility of information must be changed to the better. If cars can drive themselves, the elder and sickly deserve better care.If you share our sentiment and have ideas for great health care apps, please join our private beta.


We are what we eat! at in least in some way. Using our framework, we can help with diets, recipes or simple nutritional facts. If this feature is important to you, please sign up for our private beta program.


Money and investments are important to just about anybody. Investment decisions are even more crucial when there isn't enough money to go around. If you think you can use artificial intelligence to make better decisions or help your customers make better decisions when it comes to money, please sign up for our beta.


Oh Politics! The world is changing, the powers are shifting and voters want to be more informed! We plan to do just that. If this topic is important to you, please sign up for our private beta.
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